Lifetime Release 4 Now Available
6th April 2015
We are pleased to announce the release of Lifetime Version 4, the biggest release of our software package to date. In this release we are including a brand new Gift Aid module which covers all aspects of Gift Aid from recording your loose cash to filing your claim directly to HMRC through Lifetime. Lifetime Gift Aid   Record Loose Cash on a weekly basis &...
HMRC Gift Aid Repayment Form
6th April 2015
(From HMRC Website)   Using the correct Gift Aid repayment form In March 2011 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) introduced a new R68(i) - Gift Aid and tax repayment claims form, which replaced all previous claim forms. If you are not already using this form for your claims, please use it from now on.     The R68(i) claim form instantly calculate...
E McMullan Ltd acquires Surveying Drone
30th January 2015
E McMullan Ltd have acquired an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone, to advance the surveying techniques currently used by the company. Part of the advancement will be the use of the Drone to assist with the ongoing graveyard surveys which provide the information for the Lifetime Grave Management System. Some of the additional benefits of this surveyin...