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Lifetime Accounts Version 2 Now Available
4th January 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Lifetime Accounts Version 2.

Please take a moment to review the new features and improvements in this release.

  • Generate Excel Based Financial Statement – you can now generate the Excel based Financial Statement. This is populated with the data from your postings on the accounts program throughout the year. (Please note: you must have a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer to do this).

  • Drill-Through Income & Expenditure Report – if you click on a heading within your income and expenditure report, this will take you to a sub report showing the postings you have made to this ledger. You can also expand each group within the sub report to view more detail.

  • Search by Nominal Code – a search button is now available on the Income/Expenditure entry screen to make it easier to lookup your nominal codes. If you know the nominal code of the item you are looking for, you can now simply type the code into the ‘Ledger Account’ box to select the nominal.

  • Full Bank Reconciliation Report – After each bank reconciliation, you can now click ‘View Reconciliation History’ and click ‘View Report’ to see a precise account of what has been reconciled and what payments and lodgements are outstanding at the end of each reconciliation. You can click the Expand button on any of the headings to view full details.

  • Split Lodgements and Split Payments – on the Entry window when recording Income or Expenditure - if you have a split item and you use the same reference number for all the items, the system will display the total for that lodgement number/cheque number in red below the reference field.

  • Delete Bank Transfers and Journal Entries – if you make a bank transfer or journal entry by mistake, you can now remove this by clicking on the journal and clicking the delete button. Note that you cannot delete bank transfers which have been reconciled.

  • Select cells on reconciliation screen to view totals – if for example on the reconciliation screen you are reconciling a split lodgement, select the credits cells together which form the lodgement and the total will be displayed.

  • Filter Reconciliation Screen – to make it easier to find you transactions when reconciling your accounts, a filter has been added to the reconciliation screen. The funds available is also displayed beneath the bank account name.

  • View bank balance when entering income/expenditure – to help keep an eye on the balance on your account as you enter your transactions, the available funds on the account you are currently working on is displayed.

  • Export Accounts to CSV – from the reports menu, you can export all your postings into CSV format.